Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt


Never work alone! Join The Team. I will update the Badge Hunt Hints in a new thread of the CTP Team in Adlandpro:

Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt! A 30 day Event U Don’t Want 2 Miss A Day!

This is going to be the place where you can get my badge on day one of the Badge Hunt Starting at 0001 o’clock June 1st !

Steps to take to get the badge:

1. You must first be a member of Adlandpro. For most of you that is already done. For those who are not yet a member, Click Here to join, or click on the banner below.

Join the CTP Team in ALP

2. Click on below and say “Yes Ken! Send me that badge.” Add anything else you want in your reply as long as it is related to the Badge Hunt.

3. Honor Veterans past and present by joining Veterans Surf (it is a new traffic exchange). You will need to add a website that you would like to put in rotation there and surf 75 pages to activate your account and earn the badge.

join Veterans Surf

This is just the beginning of this event. You will only receive one badge but there will be a new reward added as a loyalty bonus for those who stay on the hunt each and every day.

You can complete all the steps above at this time but the rewards will start on the 1st. More details will be following soon.

Ken Wolff

P.S. Hint: This is not a requirement to receive my badge but if you want to get in on the Hunt and get a lot of badges and maybe win the top prize it would help for you to be a member of ClickTrackProfit.

Join ClickTrackProfit


4 thoughts on “Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt

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  2. ken keep your head up “GUY” hey u did a good job u put and did what u thought that others would like u did that i mean it it only gonna get better

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